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March 12 St.Art. Festival, Tegelen NL
May 18- May 29  Kulturel Land Party, Mutzingenta, Raum2, Gustritz, Groß heide, Beesum20, Deutschland
May 30- June 1 International Eskisehir Children and Youth Theatre’s Festival, Turkey
June 21-25 Glastonbury, Theater and Circus, UK
July 6-8 ViaThea, Gorlitz, Deutschland
July 8-9 Lonesome Lake, Deutschland
July 14-19 Gallura Buskers Festival & Iglesias Buskers Festival, Sardegna, Italy
July 21-23 Lugano Buskers Festival,  Switzerland  2023, 2018, 2015, 2012, 2010
July 29-30 Festival O Mundo, Portugal
August 18-19 Växjö, Sweeden
August 20 StrapatZen, BE
September 8-10  Gala Kopje Cultuur, NL
October 1, Moeskroen, Belgium
October 23-Nov.1 BooHaha Halloween Festival, Clown Royale Circus Tent

April 2021

Mai 2021

Juni 2021

Easy Street, Feiburg

Street Theater Festival. Summer program

June 25, 26


Juli 2021

September 2021

Januar 2022

Cartoon Comedy

Happy again to see the outcome of so much research. Thanks to the support of GVL I have been able to create some fun new concepts that I can share with my audiences.

Research for GVL

April 2022

Mutzingenta Summer Festival

The Kulturel Landparty will be May 26 – June 6, 2022.

We will see you all there with bells on. Possibly in a tent most definitely in a show!


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