„Classic“ Street Theatre Show

International prize winner, Mon Oncle Le Bossu in „Classic“ has been winning the hearts of audiences since 2001.

  • Suitable for: Street Theatre, Circus, Varieté and Roving
  • Languages: Silent/Gibberish
  • Duration: 30- 60 minutes
  • Routines: The Bug, Bagpipe Hat, Balloon Swallow, Ping-pong Ball Manipulation, Batman & Disappearing Toilet-paper-over-the-shoulder.
    Musical Creations, Clown Dance, Audience Interaction, Poetic Clowning and Improvisation. No two shows are ever the same!

***** Festival De Artistes 10th Anniversary 2012
***** 1st Place, 2006
***** 2nd Place Sarmede, La Fiere del Teatro, 2014
***** Krystall Palast New Commer Show Varieté 2011
***** Open Street Showcase Fermo 2011
***** 4th International Kleinkunstfestival in Heringsdorf 2010