The Red Guy, KleinKunst

„The Red Guy“ is a character clown, magician and physical comedian. DADO brings years of award-winning comedy to the stage with „The Red Guy“. Interactive comedy magic for large stages, 3×7 minute routines with the moderator (Everybody Wins Bingo!, Floating Card, The Golfball-Bullet Catch). Stand-alone routines 3×7 minutes of musical inventions (Tequilla on the Chickens), physical comedy (Pop-corn on the Ping-Pong ball) and poetic classic stage magic (Gypsy thread)

  • Suitable for: Variete, Kleinkunst, Circus
  • Languages: English/Gibberish
  • Duration: 3×7 minutes
  • Routines: Poetic clowning, Audience Interaction & Improvisation