In 2019 I bought a circus tent with the idea to turn it into a theatre space.
The tent is small and romantic, cozy and inviting, seats 120 people with raked seating.
Perfect for intimate theatre and one-to-one audience performance experience.

How to make this beautiful space work with Corona-Conformation. Let’s take the walls down. Let’s create a space that holds the space for the performers and is open-air for the audience.
We have seating and enough space to be versatile in how the audience can enjoy the performance while sticking to the rules.

We all need to have a laugh, to enjoy the sounds of an audience, to be part of that audience having that shared experience of shared laughter.
We want to find ways to make that happen as soon as possible. We have the creative ability to find solutions to any problems.
Let’s make plans to get back out there and laugh!